Guard Against Sticky Fingers during Decorating Season

    Though April, the so-called national decorating month, is drawing to its end, many homes may start or continue decorating jobs on their own or leave to professionals since the weather is getting warmer and warmer in most regions. Unfortunately, it is also a perfect time for sticky fingers to break into properties on the working site. To save your time as well as keep your properties safe during the decorating process, you have to take action.

decorating month

Watch tools, materials and fixtures carefully

Thieves tend to being attracted by items like copper wiring, power tools and new household fixtures and appliances at the decorating site. So put away all tools, materials, fixtures and other supplies after work every day. While your home is being worked on, you should also put small things like jewelry, emergency cash and small electronics in a safe to avoid being discreetly slipped into a pocket by workers.

Monitor the working site through surveillance cameras

Install wireless surveillance cameras in and around your home to further protect your properties as well as see what is going on in the main construction area. By reviewing the footage– or by randomly watching a remote live stream on your mobile devices, you can witness whether the workers you hired is working or loafing around.

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Make Sure Your Privacy is Well Protected before Sharing Camera Video with Everyone

In the last blog, I have introduced the newly developed app called NEW TENVIS. Once users registered a free account and logged in, they could add both MJPEG and HD IP camera manufactured by TENVIS which can be convenient for video monitoring.

share camera

Additionally, within the camera setting page, users can share the camera to friends as well as to all the people on iPhone or iPad. That is, if one chooses to share the living video with everyone, users who have registered the NEW TENVIS will see the living video in the Public Camera section. Though the app will remind users that once they choose to share the camera to the public, their privacy may be divulged, you may still find many users share their bedroom living video with everyone deliberately or without intention.

TENVIS has the responsibility to remind all users to protect privacy. Later, we will check the sharing video carefully before they are viewed by everyone. The video which involve privacy affairs will not be approved at first hand for the good of all NEW TENVIS users.

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NEW TENVIS: A Convenient IP Camera App to Keep Things under Control

Usually, customers need to download and install different apps for different kinds of IP camera. For example, if users want to watch the MJPEG IP camera on mobile phone, TENVIS Sight should be downloaded from TENVIS official website or Google play. For HD P2P IP camera, TENVIS P2P is needed for mobile view. Besides, TENVIS Now is specialized for MJPEG P2P IP camera like TR3818. Occasions are that customers may get confused easily facing these apps for different type of IP Cameras.

NEW TENVIS 1Is there one app that is compatible with all TENVIS IP Cameras? The answer is yes. NEW TENVIS is such an app. Once users registered an account and logged in, they can view their own cameras as well as the public cameras which are shared by other users. Users can also choose to share their cameras to friends or with everyone on iPhone or iPad. Also, the account management mode makes it easier for users to manage all the added cameras.

Currently, users can download it from Google play or App store. NEW TENVIS helps make remote home monitoring easy and it is perfect for every scenarios you can imagine. Just download it from Google play or App store and have a try!

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Is That True? Science Says That Our Vision Could Possibly Get Improved by an App

An app designed by a University of California neuroscientist, Aaron Seitz, is capable of improving users’s eyesight so that they can see farther than before. So is this magic or science? According to a study in Current Biology, found by way of Popular Mechanics, the answer is the latter.

How does it work?
UltimEyes is less about training your vision than it is about training your brain. The software is basically a game that shows you fuzzy patterns that you try to identify as fast as possible from a similarly colored background. Distinctive from the brightly colored games that are available in the app store; the UltimEyes presents the user with increasingly difficult challenges of identifying faint Gabor stimuli. Faster speeds and repetition teach the brain to process visual stimulation quicker, which can result in improved vision at farther distances.

App to improve eyesight

What is the effect?
Recently, Aaron Seitz shared his test result with Current Biology that is eye-popping. He tested the app’s effectiveness on 19 players on the University of California, Riverside, baseball team. Each athlete used UltimEyes 30 times for 25-minute intervals, resulting in an average 31 percent increase in eyesight. Out of the 19 total players seven reached 20/7.5 vision, meaning they could see at 20 feet, while people with normal vision could see no more than 7.5 feet.

For those who are nearsighted, this is really good news. Now UltimEyes is iOS compatible and can be purchased for $5.99 in the App Store. UltimEyes suggests using the app four times a week in 25 minute sessions for eight weeks. Of course most people can accept the rule if it works. After all, improvements to our vision could last a lifetime and it is definitely worth the cost and effort.

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What’s new in the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Couple of days ago, Samsung has launched its new flagship smart phone, the Galaxy S5 in Mobile World Congress 2014. Except that the S5 has a 5.1-inch, full HD Super AMOLED screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon, quad-core, 2.5GHz processor and a 16 megapixel camera with real-time HDR, more new features like heart-rate sensor, fingerprint scanner and water resistance really impressed its fans.

Heart-rate sensor

Galaxy S5Built into the phone next to the camera flash, the heart-rate sensor can read a person’s heart rate while he holds his finger up to it for a few seconds. Though the technology isn’t new, it’s the first time we’ve seen it in a smart phone. It works by shining the phone’s LED light on your fingertip, letting the sensor detect the blood flow beneath the skin.

Fingerprint scanner

Similar to the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5 also has a fingerprint scanner built into the device’s home button. You can unlock the phone by swiping over it, but Samsung took it a step further; you can protect certain documents on the device with your fingerprint as well as confirm payments via PayPal simply by swiping your finger on the scanner.

Doesn’t afraid water

The Galaxy S5 is water and dust resistant to IP67 specifications, meaning it can be immersed in water up to 3 feet in depth. So users need not to worry if the phone touches water accidentally.

The Galaxy S5 won’t hit stores until April 11 in nearly 150 countries. It will be available in four colors: charcoal black, shimmery white, electric blue, and copper gold.



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Cameras set up to film urban foxes instead capture a suspected burglar

Former BBC Springwatch presenter Simon King installed camera in the garden of a home Herne Hill, south London, to monitor the nocturnal behavior of urban foxes. But as well as filming the animal’s movement, police said the camera ‘captured footage of a man climbing over a fence and making off across the garden’ after a burglary at a neighboring property.

suspcted burglar

The suspected burglar was filmed in the garden at about 3.45am on Sunday, January 12, after a burglary at the residential address, Scotland Yard said. The neighbor noticed the camera had been activated overnight and handed the footage to police, a Metropolitan police spokesman said.

Mr King said: ‘I understand that a neighbor of our urban fox family residence was burgled and our cameras captured the possible suspect red-handed. ‘Anyone can view our network of webcams live through our website at and they will often see animals doing the strangest of things – but this is taking it one stage further. ‘I hope the police are able to make use of the images and that this matter is resolved with as little disruption as possible for all concerned.’ Police are now hunting the man and have released the camera images. Click to read more.


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Using Webcam for Home Security? Things You May Think Twice

More than once I have seen bloggers as well as others suggest using webcam surveillance for inexpensive home security or as baby monitor. What individuals do not realize, however, would be the fact though this method works in principle, it remains various limitations. Plus, it is quite a flimsy approach to securing one’s home.

The monitoring limitation of webcam
Webcam has several limitations. For one thing, it has a limited vision field and cannot pan/tilt like IP cameras. Also, the motion detection, night vision functions are not designed. What’s more, a computer or a laptop must be “ON” in order to make it work normally. Finally the outdoor activity cannot be recorded in poor climate conditions. All these limitations would weaken the monitoring effect.

Home surveillance

Webcam is far too easy to disable
When a thief realizes that he is being caught on tape by a laptop’s camera. Probably, he may slam the laptop shut and add the laptop to his booty or destroy the laptop.

Easy for a determined thief to hack into
Many times a webcam just may work in a burglary’s favor. With proper expertise, when a burglar know you count on webcam surveillance for home security, he may hack into your system and secretly peer into your home to figure out whether it’s occupied and get an idea of your house’s layout before his arrival.

Specialized video surveillance camera is recommended
Obviously, a lot of people just have no idea of the low-cost and effective alternatives provided by surveillance cameras whose prices are no longer out of the range of an average homeowner’s budget. A webcam is great for face-to-face conversations, but using one for home security is not an ideal choice. For real remote surveillance activity, TENVIS IP Cameras can offer a far superior solution.

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