IP Camera?Web Cam? Tell You the Difference

Do you know the difference between an IP camera and a web cam? For those who have already installed an IP camera,this may be not a difficult question. However, some customers who do not know much about IP Camera will mention this question from time to time. So, today we have listed some points of distinction between an IP camera and a web cam. Hope you can have an idea of them.

Web cams are usually used for video chat, IM, Chat roulette, Skype and so forth. Nowadays they are often built into laptops and newer computers (if not, they usually connect via USB port). In order to ensure its normal work, a computer or a laptop must be “ON”.

IP Camera and Web Cam


However, IP cameras (also called network cameras) are typically used for remote monitoring purposes such as checking up on babies, monitoring kids or pets, or keep an eye on valuable property. Except for the initial installation, computers are not needed. All IP cameras need to work well is a nearby power outlet and a wireless network or a hard wired connection to a router. Many IP cameras are also support Power Over Ethernet (PoE), which means that only one Ethernet cable is sufficient for assurance of data connectivity and power supplying. In such case, the camera can be placed anywhere Ethernet cable goes.

In addition, IP cams can be shared among multiple users, and multiple IP cams can be monitored from a single dashboard which can be computers, tablets or smart phones. Since IP cameras are more complex than web cams, some technical set-up knowledge are required during installation.

In summary, the distinction between web cams and IP cameras are obvious. Customers should choose to use them based on different purposes. If you want to have a quick video chat with your friends, a web cam is enough. While for people who are serious about seeing what’s happening around their house, IP cameras are highly recommended.

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