Home Security: A Permanent Subject for Mankind

The idea of how to make our home more safe has been in people’s mind for centuries. Thanks to humankind’s continuous application and study, we can finally enjoy the convenience and high efficiency brought by the advanced security technology and take them for granted. However we should never forget how hard the exploring process has been and this article provides a recap of the path taken by our human ancestors.

Ancient Surveillance Methods

For a country in ancient times, wall, moat, and bridge are often adopted to resist foreign aggression. Taken wall as an example, it was built as barrier to prevent someone on one side of it from reaching the other side.  The Great Wall of China is a particularly famous example of this ancient security device. For individual families, ancient Romans used intricate metal locks to stop intruders, while ancient Japanese built their houses with purposefully squeaky floorboards to prevent strangers from sneaking in silently.

the great wall


Electronic Security Systems

With the popularity of electricity, people began to design electrical circuits into the home security alarms. The first circuit used in home security alarms was developed by electrician Moses Farmer. When the door or window was opened, the bells will ring and this kind of home security alarms is simple local alarm. When people is out of earshot, he can do nothing about the alarm.

Surveillance Security Camera

Nowadays, home owner can realize home security by simply installing an TENVIS IP camera and the convenience brought by which are so obvious:

  • View live and recorded video footage of your home from anywhere in the world through smart phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Motion detection and sound detection can be realized by sending e-mail and text message to you.
  • Remotely control the camera to pan and tilt, zoom in and out or activate and deactivate the alarm
  • Setup takes you just minutes instead of hours of waiting for an appointment with a stranger.
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