Legally Install Surveillance Cameras in Case of Breaking Privacy Laws

     When installing residential surveillance cameras, homeowner must make sure he is doing so within the framework of state law since laws that govern how individuals can use security cameras vary from state to state. However, obey the following suggestions will make you avoid breaking privacy laws.

    Considering installing a security camera, home owner should pay attention to the camera location as residential camera locations determine legality in most states. The camera should not be located in places where privacy is in issue. Places such as bathrooms or bedrooms or other places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy are usually prohibited, depending on state law. What’ more, the direction of the camera also matters. In most states, it is illegal to install residential security cameras that view the inside of another person’s home. Another person’s backyard should also not be looked into if reasonable privacy is expected.


    Post a sign or notice outside of your home informing people of the fact that you are applying a security camera for your protection. If individuals are properly informed that they are being filmed, they can choose whether or not to enter your house if they do not want to be caught on camera. In this way you might avoid breaking privacy laws.

     If you are not sure about whether your camera has potentially invaded other people’s privacy, contact your local law enforcement for local security camera regulations to make sure if you are legally installing your cameras before you begin to record. You can also explain you intention of using security cameras to a lawyer to see whether you might potentially break any privacy laws before you install the cameras.

    Though the security camera has brought homeowners much convenience and help them get a peace of mind, we should also be careful in case of invading others’ privacy.


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