Can You Image Electric Car with a Removable Battery?

Some studies claims that in every 33 seconds, a car will be stolen in the U.S. In light of this startling statistic, people rack their brains to work out some methods to keep their car from getting burglarized or stolen. The most common tips we know may be lock car doors, steering wheel even ignition, roll-up windows, install car alarms, hide valuables and park in a safe area, etc. Some tips even advice people to take the steering wheel along when leave the car. Other than these methods, is there any method else to keep the car safe? The answer is yes.

     For Birò electric car users, all they need to do is to take the battery out and we know that a car with no battery is going to be pretty difficult to steal. The Birò electric car is designed to allow users to remove the battery and take it with them to charge indoors just like some electric scooters and bicycles.

removable battery

     Let’s explore the Birò electric car a little further.

How the battery get charged

The battery has wheels and is mounted on a track, so it can be easily slid out through a hatch in the back of the vehicle once it’s parked. No wires or plugs need to be detached. Once it’s out, the 26-lb (12-kg) battery’s telescopic handle can be extended, allowing the user to pull it along like a suitcase. Then users can take them home and get charged from a regular electrical outlet, which makes charging a simpler matter.

Unique characteristics and benefits

The Birò electric car provides approximately 40 km (25 miles) of driving range, and can be charged in four hours. The battery can be swapped for a freshly-charged battery once it is depleted which is very helpful for people who go out often. For people who worry that their car may get stolen, just pull the battery out and take it home, then you can rest assured since without the battery, the potential carjacker cannot get the car started.


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