The Benefits of Cloud Storage to Home Surveillance

    Cloud storage is really a growing trend in recent years. Since it is more convenient and offers more flexibility compared to traditional data storage, a growing number of people begin to adopt cloud storage. Today we are going to talk about its contribution to home security.

   Recently I have heard a piece of news which is about company theft. There is a man who wanted to take revenge of its boss for firing him, so he sneaked into the boss’s home one day and stole several bottles of expensive wine, cartons of cigarettes, some paintings and other valuables. When he was about to leave, he also took the computer mainframe away and delete the video recorded by the IP camera to make sure that no one will find any clues about this stealing. We can see that the criminal was pretty calm and thoughtful at that moment. What he has not expected is that the video has already been uploaded to the cloud and soon he was arrested by the police.

     It is not hard to see that the technology of cloud storage has really contributed a lot to home surveillance. Cloud storage means better security since the video is stored off-site and risk of tampering or file corruption is very low. Also, it can be very convenient. Once the video is in the cloud it can be viewed from any location that has Internet access.

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