Protect Your Home from Pranks and Vandalism This Halloween Night

Halloween is just around corner. Unfortunately, Halloween is not all fun and games, it is also a well known night for pranksters and vandals. So when you and your family are preparing for Halloween festivities, it is important to keep safety in mind. Some forethought and planning can help secure your property and family through this entertaining evening.

1. Don’t leave your door unlocked while out trick or treating your kids, even if it is just on your street. Remember, fifty percent of all break-ins are through unlocked doors! Also, stick close to your home on Halloween night if at all possible. Vandals love to target homes where everyone is clearly away.

2. Give candy/treats to all trick-or-treaters to avoid big headaches later. However, do not allow any child or adult to come into your home. Hand treats out with the door propped open or on your porch. When the typical trick-or-treater rush is over, turn off your outside light and do not answer the door freely any more.


3. Have fewer targets available outside. Keep your pets, bicycles, lawn ornaments, or other small, portable items inside. Put your car in the garage if possible in case that it may be a target.

4. Keep home security yard signs clearly displayed and well-lit in order to steer away any nighttime criminals.

5. Encourage the local Neighborhood Watch to increase routes during Halloween and play flashlights over any dim areas in neighbor’s yards.

6. Installing a TENVIS IP Camera if you still have some concerns. The camera can   deter potential incidents or record trouble makers, which is very helpful for local authorities to identify and catch offenders. What’s more, some funny and spooky scenes may also be recorded. What a great fun, is it?


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