Some Security Tips before You Rent an Apartment

     There are many articles on the web telling homeowners how to keep their home safe. However there is a large group of home renters whose home security also needs to pay attention to and their unique home security problems may need precautions that may differ from homeowners. If you plan to move out from your parents’ home and rent your own one, the following tips may help you can take control over some security risks.

moving day

  1. Before signing a contractual rental agreement, discuss any security concerns you may have with the landlord or complex management company in order to have a general idea of the security measures they take. Check carefully whether the entrance ways, back entrances, parking lots and hallways are well-lit and have video cameras around.
  2. Ensure that the landlord has changed the locks in case that previous tenants and perhaps their friends and family members may have duplicate keys to the apartment. You can also request the landlord to install a lock with good quality to keep safe. Also, make sure that the window locks as well as locks on sliding glass doors work properly, since they can easily be the target for thieves.
  3. Utilize security cameras. Renters may not always know if service workers have entered your room. Wireless security cameras allow renters to record those who enter the apartment or home while he is away. The tenant can also access the live video remotely through smart phone or tablet.
  4. Purchase renter’s insurance. Typically, property losses of the renter due to theft are not covered by the landlord’s insurance. So it is necessary for renters to choose a suitable insurance which coverage and price  suit their situation and budget.

     Since Apartment dwellers and other renters have less control over who enters the dwelling, the home security risks may be higher in some extent. Just pay more attention to them in daily life and the potential security risks will be largely reduced.



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