Demand and Technique: Which Will Dominate?

The Google Glass has represented people the more possibilities of wearable devices, in the meantime, Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch has also appeared timely. We have to wonder, does the new technique create the consumer demand or the demand promotes the advance in technology?

Let us have a look at the function of Galaxy Gear, which is only used as a servicing facility of Note 3. By taking advantage of the Gear Manager app on Note 3, users can see messages, receive emails and make phone calls on the smart watch. Though it has made a great advance compared to the previous smart watch, it cannot satisfy consumers’ need, in other word, the convenience Galaxy Gear has offered is not we consumer really need.

Demand and Technique

The demand created by technology can make a hit only under the condition that it truly changes people’s life. For example, Walkman promoted by Sony makes people enjoy the portable music. IPod is popular because people can enjoy the digital music which is a great convenience to people’s life.

So what we look forward is that the future smart watch can make some breakthroughs. In fact, users have no idea of what kind of smart watch they are expecting until you show them. At the moment, the certain thing is that the smart watch has not entered a standard stage and many companies still have the opportunities.


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