Stages of Smart Home Development

The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly in recent years. Nowadays, people can take advantage of home automation to make their homes safer, efficient and fun. In the meantime we can hardly imagine how we have achieved all these that may be a thing of fantasy in the eyes of people centuries ago. We all know that the Rome was not built in one day, so let’s see what the smart home ideas have been through over these years.

Begins in the early 20th century

In the early 90s, people could not yet imagine what home automation would include. The age of home automation first began in 1898 when the first remote control vessels and vehicles was developed and patented by Nikola Tesla.



Gradual advances marked by a series of firsts

There are a series of firsts that laid the foundation for the contemporary smart home: portable automatic dishwashers in 1954; self-cleaning ovens in 1963; the first “wired homes” were built by American hobbyists during the 1960s; the term “smart home” was coined by the American Association of Home Builders in 1984. During the 1990s home automation rose to prominence since computer and robot technologies were applied to the domestic appliances

Widespread among hobbyists and the rich

By the end of the 1990s, home automation systems were popular among hobbyists and the rich family. The systems in this time are expensive and some kind of complicated, so they remain inaccessible to general consumers.


Nowadays, home automation technology consists of wireless remote controls to operate numerous electronic devices within the home. Wireless remote controls may control your television, home stereo system, lights, air conditioner, fireplace, furnace, video game console, water heater and even your window blinds. In addition, you can know what’s happening around your home through Security Camera on your smart phone. The big progress is that all these technologies are affordable to general consumers now. According to ABI Research, 1.5 million home automation systems were installed in the US in 2012.


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