Live Video Monitoring or Recording: That is a Question

Though different industries from schools, retail enterprises, hospitals and casinos to parking garages, and more have installed IP cameras all based on the value of the assets being protected, these end users still have their own requirements in different scenarios. Similar questions like when to record video for forensic purposes and when to monitor live video cannot be unanimous among them.

video monitoring

For example, in casinos, the high cash value of potential losses needs live monitoring, whereas the average commercial office building generally relies on recorded video. In the same time, to reduce bandwidth consumption and the high storage costs, a scene with little activity like an empty asphalt parking lot can employ video recorded on motion; however, if the parking lot is shaded with many surrounding trees, video recorded on motion may not be a great idea, as leaves blowing as well as low-light or shadowy conditions even during daylight hours may have significant ramifications on the use of motion detection.

Considering the scenarios discrepancies and their the actual conditions, the best solution would be a hybrid approach – using motion-based recording on a scheduled basis only during certain times of the day and only on certain cameras. In some key places, continuous recording are needed. Once these needs are balanced, hardware wear and tear can be saved in the long term and ultimately, the surveillance cost can be reduced largely.

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