Remote Monitoring from the Mobile Devices

Thanks to the wireless technology, people can now monitor the IP camera directly from the mobile devices. So it is undoubtedly that the smart phone represented by iPhone will become the most popular management platform of mobile monitoring. In the future, there will be more and more operators, telecommunication manufactures and security enterprises turning their focus on household security. In the meanwhile, more consumers will pay significant attention to remote monitoring from the smart phones.

remote monitoring

Recently the wireless monitoring applications represented by 4G receives certain kind of attention in the international telecommunication exhibition. Almost certainly, the future 4G mobile telecommunication technology will better serve the video monitoring. We can also see form various exhibitions that the mobile monitoring will be applied in more field other than the field of household security and developed in an all-round way.

The video monitoring based on 4G wireless network can be applied in Safe City project and intelligent traffic field. In the meantime, this technology can also be combined with the vehicle systems to realize the Internet of car. The maturity of the network environment will open more public resources so that they can be visited by citizens anywhere through their smart phones.


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