Make Sure That Your Baby Gets a Safer Sleep

We often hear the news that infants are died of suffocation. In fact, the deaths caused by suffocation are on the rise and 60 percent of these cases occur in a baby’s sleeping environment. So it is very important to create a safe sleeping environment for your baby and parents should be aware and equipped all the time.

Do not co-sleep with your baby

Studies show that bed-sharing can contribute to sudden infant death syndrome in some way. To avoid SIDS, parents should not share with bed with their baby. To facilitate breast-feeding, parents can put the crib near their bed.

sleep baby

Make sure cribs meet proper safety standards

Choose a crib that meet the related safety standards and avoid being put near the window since it may get strangled by the curtains. It would be perfect to put the crib against the wall in an airy nursery room. If you still worry about your sleeping baby, install an IP camera so that you can watch him sleep in real time on your smart phone while you are doing chores in other rooms.

Keep your baby’s crib as bare as possible

Take soft fluffy pillows or stuffed animals away from the crib and also avoid loose bedding since the infant’s nose and mouth can be covered accidentally by, restricting his or her ability to breathe. When you cover your baby with blanket, you need to tuck the bottom underneath the end of the mattress to create a pocket. The blanket should only reach to the center of your baby’s chest so that it can’t be pulled over his head. Also, remember to place babies on their backs when they fall into sleep.


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