Some Simple Precautions to Prevent Kids from Accidental Falls

      Falls are common among kids, especially when older infants and toddlers are learning to walk. But other accidental falls can cause serious injuries or even accidental death. As parents, if we take some simple precautions at home in advance, we can help avoid a serious problem.

Be aware of the dangers of heights

    The severity of the injury often depends on the distance of the fall, so never let your child sit on a bed or counter unattended. Actively supervise toddlers on stairs. Hold their hands when walking up and down stairs. Install safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs and attach them to the wall, if possible, to block a toddler’s access to a staircase. Often told children do not climb on furniture or use drawers or shelves as steps.


Prevent slips at home

    Consider anti-slip rugs for the floors in your home, and mats or decals in the bathtub or shower to help prevent dangerous falls. Keep hallways and stairs well-lit and clear of clutter that could cause a child to trip and take a tumble.

Watch out for the windows

    Many injuries to older toddlers and preschool children result from falling out of an unsecured window. To avoid injuries, keep windows locked and screens in place. Window safety guards are also recommended for the sake of safety. Discourage your kid to play near windows and patio doors, which could lead to a fall through glass. Parents should also move chairs, cribs and other furniture away from windows to help prevent window falls.

Supervise kids carefully

   While it’s important to always keep a close eye on the kids under your care. For many mothers, this may be a problem since they will probably have to cook or run some errands sometimes. Do not worry, install an IP camera and then you can monitor your kids easily on your smart phone in real time.


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