Detroit Man Outsmarts Burglars by Stationing CPR Dummies

      A man in Detroit has found a creative way to protect his home in a neighborhood filled with crime and abandoned homes. The man who wished not to share his identity, or the address where he lived, showed WDIV his home’s ‘security guards’ this week.

     After his west-side home was broken into several times, the man decided to take action by crafting burglar scarecrows – CPR dummies dressed to look like gang members which he positions near his front door. ‘You got to go around the corner a couple of times to realize that they are dummies,’ he said. In addition to the dummies, the man has set up sensor lights, a security system, and double screen doors, put bars on every window and even bought two guard dogs. He hopes the new additions will stop break-ins and perhaps eventually lower his homeowners insurance. He says he’s been having run-ins with the insurance company as they keep raising his payments because of his risky neighborhood.


     According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, Detroit ranks number seven in the top 10 cities with the most break-ins. In 2011, there were 15,994 reported burglaries. Local police have applauded him for his proactive steps for security.

    ’The police come through here. They look, stop, talk to me and ask me questions about the dummies and tell me that’s good,’ he said. While he knows that the dummies can’t physically defend his house, he does believe they work well enough to discourage robbers from casing his home. ’You may see them get past them, but once you get past them you got to deal with the problems in the house…and that’s me.’

    Well, though it is a creative idea to prevent burglaries. I have to say that why go to the trouble of making the dummies, a wireless TENVIS IP camera can help the homeowner get some peace of mind.

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