Making Home Safe for Your Kids

For kids, home should be a place where they may find comfort, love, and care and most basically they need to feel safe. However, home injuries happened frequently at home and they are a leading source of accidental death for children. To avoid home injuries, education and prevention, neither of the two can be dispensed. To get you started, we’ve created list of child home safety tips for your reference.

Things that need to keep out of reach

Kids are born to be curious of various home items, big or small, may have potential dangers. Small items such as coins, buttons, jewelry, small balls and pins should be stored away from a child’s reach to avoid accidental choking. Lock up cleaning supplies, poisons, alcohol and other toxic agents in a high cabinet in case that they may be mistakenly swallowed by your kids. Since children like to mimic the things they see their parents doing, so everyday products like perfume, hairspray, nail polish and even mouthwash should also be kept out of their reach.


Childproof your home from electric shock

Cover unused electrical sockets with plastic covers to reduce the risk of electric shock. Never allow your kids to operate the oven, stove, washing machine or other electrical appliances without your supervision. Disconnect these appliances after you finish using them. Electricity is also a common cause of household fires. If you notice unusual odors, flickering lights or unusual power surges, have an electrician inspect your house and make sure the wiring system is safe.

Never leave children alone in the shower room

Splashing around in the water at bath time is great fun for children, yet water presents many possible hazards. Drowning can occur in less than an inch of water, making bathtubs, sinks and even pails a source of great danger. So, never allow young children to shower or bathe and unattended for a few seconds.

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