Family Data Center: The Field Where Smart Router Holds Great Promise

In recent days, smart routers represented by hiwifi have been welcomed by manufactures and consumers which promise the coming of the era of smart router. However, the stability of the smart router has also been questioned. There is no denying that routers are the important entrance of the Internet, thus the future development of routers should be localized precisely to be really smart.

Since the popularity of wireless network has been expanding, we can predict that in the future the wireless network can be covered the same as the mobile signal freely. Under such situation, the market of smart router will be much smaller and are mostly applied in commercial or public field which is not the target of the smart router. So is there any other market that is waiting for the router to explore? The answer is smart home.

future trend

With the popularization of intelligence, the future smart devices are more than laptop and mobile phone; they can include smart wearable devices, smart appliances and even smart furniture. All of these devices need the support of router. Users are not likely to use the public WiFi for security reasons, thus router has become a necessity for families.

The core value of router should not be focused on network but the data carried by the network. Follow this direction, making router the household data center should be a wise role change. The future smart router should be the heart of various devices, storing data generated by smart devices and making it available for sharing on different devices. In a word, the router should be the core of smart home.


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