The K5 Robot:A New Assist to Human Security Patrols

Silicon Valley startup Knightscope Inc. is developing a robotic security guard called the K5 Robot. Shaped like a 5-foot-tall bullet, K5 is designed to assist human security patrols and perform the monotonous task of keeping watch over property more cost effectively and comprehensively in space-constrained environments like school campuses, corporate, warehouses and even communities.

The K5 Robot

How does K5 work?

The K5 robot can collect real-time data via a network of sensors. like a 360-degree high definition video camera, microphones, infrared sensor, radar, ultrasonic speed and distance sensors and optical character recognition technology for scanning things like license plates. Under the collaboration of these sensors, the K5 robot can avoid objects while following a pre-programmed route, determines the speed of moving objects and records audio for later retrieval. It can also see in the dark. The data collected from the robot’s sensors is processed alongside business, government and crowd-sourced social data sets to set a threat level for each potential irregularity. The robot notifies the authorities when there’s a series problem as well as made available to the public in real-time in order to offer total transparency. For example, when a shooting situation happens, the camera on the K5 might make out some humans lying down all of a sudden, while others are running around. Its electronic ears would detect elevated noise levels. Then the software would analyze and contact its superiors.

Privacy concerns

Inevitably, there will be privacy concerns. The K5 may roves around taking your picture and video without your notice. It also checks your license plate and your social media feed, and can even overhear your conversations. Then again, it cannot replace the security guards totally. However, it is another progress in security field and we expect to see them roving around on the street.


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