Create a Safe Home for Your Aging Parents

     Many seniors tend to choose to stay in their home which may make them feel a sense of belonging and continued independence. But having mom or dad live alone can really be a source of worry for their adult children. Let’s check out what we can do on this issue to make our aging parents live a healthy and safe life.

As our parents get older their bodies change. They tend to move a little slower, don’t see quite as well and their bodies begin to lose some of the core strength needed to maintain balance. Combined, these changes can lead to accidents such as falls, breaks and sprains.

aging parents

Walk through your parents’ home looking for potential area that are or could become a safety hazard. Pay attention to things such as stairs, loose electrical cords, slippery areas (particularly the bathroom), and dimly lit areas making sure that both sides of the staircase have firm handrails and there are grab bars in the shower, tub and near the toilet. Fix any broken or chipped steps, tiles, or flooring. Install an automated lighting for your parents to light up rooms as they enter and change the dimly lit bulb to a brighter one. Other details that we need to pay attention to is putting non-slip lining under rugs or using double sided tape to keep them from bunching and moving around. Keep the stairs and open areas dry and clear. Also, put a security whistle on your parents’ key ring so that they can use if emergency happens

Sometimes even though we had removed the hidden peril, we may still keep worrying and the “What if?” scenarios can often overwhelm our mind. “What if she falls down?” “What if he forgets something on the stove?”  People imagination can go wild if they cannot see. Why not install a TENVIS IP Camera in your parents’ home? Then, you can see them whenever you want.

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