Can You Imagine Winking to Snap a Photo?

Can you imagine that you can take a photo by simply winking your eye?  Actually, it is not daydreaming and the latest updated Google Glass has included this innovative feature, which makes Glass feel like a futuristic gadget, along with several other Glass enhancements. Let’s check how it works.

wink to snap a photo

How to set up

Firstly, tap and sweep to find the “wink for picture” option, which comes right after the new screen lock security feature and turn on it. Second, calibrate screen under the guide of the glass. Wink your right eye like the woman you see on the screen until you receive the on-screen confirmation of success. When the feature begins to work, Glass beeps, the screen blanks and then switches to camera mode. A second later, you can see the picture you just take. In fact, the winking feature is turned on all the time so people may capture pictures accidentally since the Glass can be waked easily by tapping the frame or tilt your head.

The market response

New and advanced as this feature looks, it has received some critics. People may wonder if the tool is intended to take surreptitious photos of people in public spaces. Privacy concerns surrounding the device have been so widespread that Congress sent the company a letter earlier this year specifically addressing the device and its use. However, Google doesn’t appear to be worried about the winking feature being viewed negatively by the general public. More envisioned uses range from practical tasks such as shopping or delivering local weather reports to sharing real time video streams is still in the plan.


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