Tips to Avoid Packages from Being Stolen

These days, on-line shopping has achieved a rapid development. People love shopping on the Internet which boosts package deliveries. However, there is also an increase of cases of packages being stolen. The following suggestions may help keep your packages from being stolen. Let’s check!
First of all, shoppers buying online should track the delivery using tracking numbers provided by shipping companies and the post office to figure out when it’s scheduled to reach you so you’re able to make arrangements for someone to be home to pick it up. That way, you won’t need to bother about your shipment sitting unattended on the porch just because no one knew it was there.

packages at door porch
Secondly, require a signature for delivery if you’re shipping something of high value or you just want to be sure items aren’t left unattended. This means the driver cannot leave the package if there is no one home to sign for it.
Thirdly, for security reasons, you may set up a video surveillance camera under the roof of your residence monitoring the porch as well as your driveway. Thus, if any package thieves try to steal your goods, the recorded video can be the solid evidence for the local police to track down the culprits.
At last, when you order something on the internet and you are not at home usually, you can have the packages delivered to your workplace or to a neighbor. If that is not possible, ask the package delivery company to hold your package at a local delivery center for you to pick up. A holiday hold is also allowed by many companies.

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