Mr. Postman Safeguard Your Parcels

In the last blog, I have shared a few recommendations about how to keep our packages from being stolen including tracking the deliveries, requiring a signature, installing a video surveillance camera and considering another destination which are extremely helpful to active online shoppers. Today, I’d like to introduce Mr. Postman, a smart mailbox which connects home network via Wi-Fi to trace packages and keep them safe.

smart mailbox
How does Mr. Postman work?
1. Mr. Postman is Wi-Fi enabled. For those located beyond the typical Wi-Fi range, a special long-range model can be applied.
2. It is solar powered. In cloudy days, a 3.7 V battery could be used to provide sufficient power.
3. If any snail mails or packages have arrived, the connected mailbox will alert the operator, preventing unnecessary trips to the mailbox
Security Design
1. Mr. Postman, which measures 9.8″ wide x 8.6″ tall x 20.4″ long, is made 3 1/2″ wider than the standard mailbox, so that it can hold more packages. So, more of your packages will be able to be delivered safely to Mr. Postman rather than just left unsecured at your door!
2. This smart mailbox adopts a keyless locking system, which allows user to remotely lock and unlock it, which can prevent important packages or letters from being stolen.

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