Ditch Habits That May Harm Your Home Security in 2014

In the beginning of 2014, most of you must have made your new year resolutions as always including hang out with friends and relations, give up smoking or drinking, lose weight to keep fit, etc. In this article I would love to suggest you adding another one on the list, that is, ditch some bad home security habits and keep criminals at bay. These habits are including:

Take home security lightly
Many people may think that the chance of their home being burglarized is low. So they just neglect the potential vulnerabilities in their home which can be easily exploited by criminals. In 2014, you will need to look closely at doors, locks and windows and even curtains. Put away your valuables to avoid the light-fingered people.

New Year Resolution

Sharing too many details on social media
It is not a very bad thing to share your daily lives with your friends on some social networking sites. However, you should notice that some details such as your location, bank card password, your working arrangements, vacation plans, and costly items purchased, etc should be kept to yourself because this sort of information may probably attract someone with ulterior motives.

Arm the house without home security devices
There is a general idea that home security devices are expensive which isn’t true. TENVIS is aimed at providing good quality, simple to use and cost-effective IP cameras for consumers around the world. More to the point, you will receive quality service here in TENVIS. For those who have already installed TENVIS surveillance camera, please make sure that the motion detection, video recording and night vision feature are open every time you leave home, so that you can keep informed of what has happened when you are away
Just pay attention to home security issue, kicking the above bad habits and you will fulfill this New Year resolution and make a peace of mind in 2014. Start now!

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