Do Gates Make Our Communities Safer?

It seems that nowadays increasing numbers of people would like to reside in gated residential communities since in their mind gates and fences provide the thought of security, safety, and privacy. However, the truth is that every statistic available paints a different picture.
First of all, dysfunctional regulation and isolation do exist in certain gated communities. So it doesn’t help much by simply sealing off the neighborhood. What’s more, although the security guards get some training but not up to the level of a patrol officer. Thus they might not be proactive in making the community safer.

Secondly, thieves like taking the gated communities as target because people living there are relatively rich and less alert. Also, burglars know residents there go out more often and take more vacations. Once a gated community is targeted, thieves will avail all of their resources to get the entry codes or key
Gates and fences is just another tool to help a property owner fight crime. More tools are usually required to do the complete job, among which, home surveillance camera is irreplaceable. In addition, caution and a sense of responsibility for the common good are also needed.

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