NYPD Police Cruiser: Police Car for the future

When referring to the NYPD2020 long-term strategic plan, which is aimed at bringing new techniques and technologies into the realm of the police force, we have to mention their new police cruisers. More advanced than the traditional police car, the NYC police cruiser are capable of doing more than just carry officers and chase the bad guys. Actually, many latest gadgets have been applied in the newest police cruiser allowing it to be more intelligent than in the past.

NYPD Police
Two infrared monitors installed on the trunk
Infrared monitors can scan, record and store any number automatically that the cruiser comes across including license plate numbers and addresses. What’s more, checking the collected information against the crime databases in real time may also be realized to determine if a car was stolen thus to enhance efficiency in case handling.

Radiation detector in the rear windshield
On the rear of the car there exists a radiation detector that can scan the air for increased radiation levels and relay the results back to an NYPD command center.

Surveillance camera around the car’s dashboard
An in-car, dashboard-mounted surveillance camera can capture lie video and send them directly to NYPD headquarters allowing officials to stay alert about potential incidents and give orders in time to the scene of accident.
Taking advantage of data collected by the above gadgets, police can formulate a better strategy to fight crime in different areas. In the future, smart cars might also include more high-tech element like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition sensors. Criminals and terrorists, just beware!

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