Shoplifting Ploys Which Should Stop Being Neglected

Each year businesses lose tens of billions of dollars contributed by shoplifting to which retailers should no longer turn a blind eye. Within this blog we will point out some customary tactics utilized by shoplifters and counter-measures that can be adopted by shop owners.
1. Watch out for purchaser who push baby carriage

The baby carriage or stroller is an effective tool for shoplifters. In addition to the baby, there are always blankets, toys among other things in strollers that merchandise can be hidden under. Some thieves have even built false bottoms in baby carriages. So keep an eye on this type of customers and check them carefully when they leave the cashier.


2. Keep an eye out for giant shopping bags and other stuff carried by customers

Many shoplifters will carry large paper shopping bags that aren’t from local stores. Then when no one is watching, they will put the pilfered merchandise into those bags. By preventing this phenomenon, stores can require customers to leave their bags at the entry or staple their bags shut when they come in. Women’s pursues and things like umbrellas are handy for shoplifters attempting to steal small items. Lock your small high-end items in a showcase if possible.

3. Check out the alarm gates often at the exit

Shop owners might think it safe if customers can pass the gates without trigger the alarm. Actually, some tricky shoplifters may design many ways to break the system. One solution is putting the item in bag that is lined with duck tape and tin foil which has already been reported. To deal with this kind of brazen shoplifters, surveillance cameras are indispensable to deter these unscrupulous shoplifters. Put up a sign saying “Security Camera Surveillance” simultaneously.

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