Be Careful: The Elderly May Easily End up Being the Target of Criminals

The elderly people need to be alert that if some strangers knock your door and ask for your help, you need to think twice. Because probably he could be a habitual criminal and you are their next target. Recently, I have read a piece of news concerning this issue.

the elderly
A serial female thief named Geraldine Podmore, 31, repeatedly trick her way into elderly people’s homes to steal their valuables. She used various methods like asking the way, asked for a glass of water, etc to distract elderly people and then stole cash, mobile phones and women’s handbags. The serial offender has 24 convictions for 73 offences. The court heard she also targeted the home of an 89-year-old woman in Bentilee, Staffs., on September 17, again asking the victim to call a taxi for her.
For people who have aging people in your home, please remind them to lock the door even when they are at home during the day. Install an IP camera in their home if possible, then you can check on your aging parents on PC or mobile devices whenever you want and make sure that they are safe.

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