Using Webcam for Home Security? Things You May Think Twice

More than once I have seen bloggers as well as others suggest using webcam surveillance for inexpensive home security or as baby monitor. What individuals do not realize, however, would be the fact though this method works in principle, it remains various limitations. Plus, it is quite a flimsy approach to securing one’s home.

The monitoring limitation of webcam
Webcam has several limitations. For one thing, it has a limited vision field and cannot pan/tilt like IP cameras. Also, the motion detection, night vision functions are not designed. What’s more, a computer or a laptop must be “ON” in order to make it work normally. Finally the outdoor activity cannot be recorded in poor climate conditions. All these limitations would weaken the monitoring effect.

Home surveillance

Webcam is far too easy to disable
When a thief realizes that he is being caught on tape by a laptop’s camera. Probably, he may slam the laptop shut and add the laptop to his booty or destroy the laptop.

Easy for a determined thief to hack into
Many times a webcam just may work in a burglary’s favor. With proper expertise, when a burglar know you count on webcam surveillance for home security, he may hack into your system and secretly peer into your home to figure out whether it’s occupied and get an idea of your house’s layout before his arrival.

Specialized video surveillance camera is recommended
Obviously, a lot of people just have no idea of the low-cost and effective alternatives provided by surveillance cameras whose prices are no longer out of the range of an average homeowner’s budget. A webcam is great for face-to-face conversations, but using one for home security is not an ideal choice. For real remote surveillance activity, TENVIS IP Cameras can offer a far superior solution.

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