Cameras set up to film urban foxes instead capture a suspected burglar

Former BBC Springwatch presenter Simon King installed camera in the garden of a home Herne Hill, south London, to monitor the nocturnal behavior of urban foxes. But as well as filming the animal’s movement, police said the camera ‘captured footage of a man climbing over a fence and making off across the garden’ after a burglary at a neighboring property.

suspcted burglar

The suspected burglar was filmed in the garden at about 3.45am on Sunday, January 12, after a burglary at the residential address, Scotland Yard said. The neighbor noticed the camera had been activated overnight and handed the footage to police, a Metropolitan police spokesman said.

Mr King said: ‘I understand that a neighbor of our urban fox family residence was burgled and our cameras captured the possible suspect red-handed. ‘Anyone can view our network of webcams live through our website at and they will often see animals doing the strangest of things – but this is taking it one stage further. ‘I hope the police are able to make use of the images and that this matter is resolved with as little disruption as possible for all concerned.’ Police are now hunting the man and have released the camera images. Click to read more.


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