Is That True? Science Says That Our Vision Could Possibly Get Improved by an App

An app designed by a University of California neuroscientist, Aaron Seitz, is capable of improving users’s eyesight so that they can see farther than before. So is this magic or science? According to a study in Current Biology, found by way of Popular Mechanics, the answer is the latter.

How does it work?
UltimEyes is less about training your vision than it is about training your brain. The software is basically a game that shows you fuzzy patterns that you try to identify as fast as possible from a similarly colored background. Distinctive from the brightly colored games that are available in the app store; the UltimEyes presents the user with increasingly difficult challenges of identifying faint Gabor stimuli. Faster speeds and repetition teach the brain to process visual stimulation quicker, which can result in improved vision at farther distances.

App to improve eyesight

What is the effect?
Recently, Aaron Seitz shared his test result with Current Biology that is eye-popping. He tested the app’s effectiveness on 19 players on the University of California, Riverside, baseball team. Each athlete used UltimEyes 30 times for 25-minute intervals, resulting in an average 31 percent increase in eyesight. Out of the 19 total players seven reached 20/7.5 vision, meaning they could see at 20 feet, while people with normal vision could see no more than 7.5 feet.

For those who are nearsighted, this is really good news. Now UltimEyes is iOS compatible and can be purchased for $5.99 in the App Store. UltimEyes suggests using the app four times a week in 25 minute sessions for eight weeks. Of course most people can accept the rule if it works. After all, improvements to our vision could last a lifetime and it is definitely worth the cost and effort.

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