NEW TENVIS: A Convenient IP Camera App to Keep Things under Control

Usually, customers need to download and install different apps for different kinds of IP camera. For example, if users want to watch the MJPEG IP camera on mobile phone, TENVIS Sight should be downloaded from TENVIS official website or Google play. For HD P2P IP camera, TENVIS P2P is needed for mobile view. Besides, TENVIS Now is specialized for MJPEG P2P IP camera like TR3818. Occasions are that customers may get confused easily facing these apps for different type of IP Cameras.

NEW TENVIS 1Is there one app that is compatible with all TENVIS IP Cameras? The answer is yes. NEW TENVIS is such an app. Once users registered an account and logged in, they can view their own cameras as well as the public cameras which are shared by other users. Users can also choose to share their cameras to friends or with everyone on iPhone or iPad. Also, the account management mode makes it easier for users to manage all the added cameras.

Currently, users can download it from Google play or App store. NEW TENVIS helps make remote home monitoring easy and it is perfect for every scenarios you can imagine. Just download it from Google play or App store and have a try!

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