Guard Against Sticky Fingers during Decorating Season

    Though April, the so-called national decorating month, is drawing to its end, many homes may start or continue decorating jobs on their own or leave to professionals since the weather is getting warmer and warmer in most regions. Unfortunately, it is also a perfect time for sticky fingers to break into properties on the working site. To save your time as well as keep your properties safe during the decorating process, you have to take action.

decorating month

Watch tools, materials and fixtures carefully

Thieves tend to being attracted by items like copper wiring, power tools and new household fixtures and appliances at the decorating site. So put away all tools, materials, fixtures and other supplies after work every day. While your home is being worked on, you should also put small things like jewelry, emergency cash and small electronics in a safe to avoid being discreetly slipped into a pocket by workers.

Monitor the working site through surveillance cameras

Install wireless surveillance cameras in and around your home to further protect your properties as well as see what is going on in the main construction area. By reviewing the footage– or by randomly watching a remote live stream on your mobile devices, you can witness whether the workers you hired is working or loafing around.

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