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Guard Against Sticky Fingers during Decorating Season

    Though April, the so-called national decorating month, is drawing to its end, many homes may start or continue decorating jobs on their own or leave to professionals since the weather is getting warmer and warmer in most regions. … Continue reading

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Make Sure Your Privacy is Well Protected before Sharing Camera Video with Everyone

In the last blog, I have introduced the newly developed app called NEW TENVIS. Once users registered a free account and logged in, they could add both MJPEG and HD IP camera manufactured by TENVIS which can be convenient for … Continue reading

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NEW TENVIS: A Convenient IP Camera App to Keep Things under Control

Usually, customers need to download and install different apps for different kinds of IP camera. For example, if users want to watch the MJPEG IP camera on mobile phone, TENVIS Sight should be downloaded from TENVIS official website or Google play. … Continue reading

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Is That True? Science Says That Our Vision Could Possibly Get Improved by an App

An app designed by a University of California neuroscientist, Aaron Seitz, is capable of improving users’s eyesight so that they can see farther than before. So is this magic or science? According to a study in Current Biology, found by … Continue reading

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What’s new in the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Couple of days ago, Samsung has launched its new flagship smart phone, the Galaxy S5 in Mobile World Congress 2014. Except that the S5 has a 5.1-inch, full HD Super AMOLED screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon, quad-core, 2.5GHz processor and a … Continue reading

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Cameras set up to film urban foxes instead capture a suspected burglar

Former BBC Springwatch presenter Simon King installed camera in the garden of a home Herne Hill, south London, to monitor the nocturnal behavior of urban foxes. But as well as filming the animal’s movement, police said the camera ‘captured footage … Continue reading

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Using Webcam for Home Security? Things You May Think Twice

More than once I have seen bloggers as well as others suggest using webcam surveillance for inexpensive home security or as baby monitor. What individuals do not realize, however, would be the fact though this method works in principle, it … Continue reading

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