Be Careful: The Elderly May Easily End up Being the Target of Criminals

The elderly people need to be alert that if some strangers knock your door and ask for your help, you need to think twice. Because probably he could be a habitual criminal and you are their next target. Recently, I have read a piece of news concerning this issue.

the elderly
A serial female thief named Geraldine Podmore, 31, repeatedly trick her way into elderly people’s homes to steal their valuables. She used various methods like asking the way, asked for a glass of water, etc to distract elderly people and then stole cash, mobile phones and women’s handbags. The serial offender has 24 convictions for 73 offences. The court heard she also targeted the home of an 89-year-old woman in Bentilee, Staffs., on September 17, again asking the victim to call a taxi for her.
For people who have aging people in your home, please remind them to lock the door even when they are at home during the day. Install an IP camera in their home if possible, then you can check on your aging parents on PC or mobile devices whenever you want and make sure that they are safe.

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Shoplifting Ploys Which Should Stop Being Neglected

Each year businesses lose tens of billions of dollars contributed by shoplifting to which retailers should no longer turn a blind eye. Within this blog we will point out some customary tactics utilized by shoplifters and counter-measures that can be adopted by shop owners.
1. Watch out for purchaser who push baby carriage

The baby carriage or stroller is an effective tool for shoplifters. In addition to the baby, there are always blankets, toys among other things in strollers that merchandise can be hidden under. Some thieves have even built false bottoms in baby carriages. So keep an eye on this type of customers and check them carefully when they leave the cashier.


2. Keep an eye out for giant shopping bags and other stuff carried by customers

Many shoplifters will carry large paper shopping bags that aren’t from local stores. Then when no one is watching, they will put the pilfered merchandise into those bags. By preventing this phenomenon, stores can require customers to leave their bags at the entry or staple their bags shut when they come in. Women’s pursues and things like umbrellas are handy for shoplifters attempting to steal small items. Lock your small high-end items in a showcase if possible.

3. Check out the alarm gates often at the exit

Shop owners might think it safe if customers can pass the gates without trigger the alarm. Actually, some tricky shoplifters may design many ways to break the system. One solution is putting the item in bag that is lined with duck tape and tin foil which has already been reported. To deal with this kind of brazen shoplifters, surveillance cameras are indispensable to deter these unscrupulous shoplifters. Put up a sign saying “Security Camera Surveillance” simultaneously.

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NYPD Police Cruiser: Police Car for the future

When referring to the NYPD2020 long-term strategic plan, which is aimed at bringing new techniques and technologies into the realm of the police force, we have to mention their new police cruisers. More advanced than the traditional police car, the NYC police cruiser are capable of doing more than just carry officers and chase the bad guys. Actually, many latest gadgets have been applied in the newest police cruiser allowing it to be more intelligent than in the past.

NYPD Police
Two infrared monitors installed on the trunk
Infrared monitors can scan, record and store any number automatically that the cruiser comes across including license plate numbers and addresses. What’s more, checking the collected information against the crime databases in real time may also be realized to determine if a car was stolen thus to enhance efficiency in case handling.

Radiation detector in the rear windshield
On the rear of the car there exists a radiation detector that can scan the air for increased radiation levels and relay the results back to an NYPD command center.

Surveillance camera around the car’s dashboard
An in-car, dashboard-mounted surveillance camera can capture lie video and send them directly to NYPD headquarters allowing officials to stay alert about potential incidents and give orders in time to the scene of accident.
Taking advantage of data collected by the above gadgets, police can formulate a better strategy to fight crime in different areas. In the future, smart cars might also include more high-tech element like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition sensors. Criminals and terrorists, just beware!

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Do Gates Make Our Communities Safer?

It seems that nowadays increasing numbers of people would like to reside in gated residential communities since in their mind gates and fences provide the thought of security, safety, and privacy. However, the truth is that every statistic available paints a different picture.
First of all, dysfunctional regulation and isolation do exist in certain gated communities. So it doesn’t help much by simply sealing off the neighborhood. What’s more, although the security guards get some training but not up to the level of a patrol officer. Thus they might not be proactive in making the community safer.

Secondly, thieves like taking the gated communities as target because people living there are relatively rich and less alert. Also, burglars know residents there go out more often and take more vacations. Once a gated community is targeted, thieves will avail all of their resources to get the entry codes or key
Gates and fences is just another tool to help a property owner fight crime. More tools are usually required to do the complete job, among which, home surveillance camera is irreplaceable. In addition, caution and a sense of responsibility for the common good are also needed.

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Ditch Habits That May Harm Your Home Security in 2014

In the beginning of 2014, most of you must have made your new year resolutions as always including hang out with friends and relations, give up smoking or drinking, lose weight to keep fit, etc. In this article I would love to suggest you adding another one on the list, that is, ditch some bad home security habits and keep criminals at bay. These habits are including:

Take home security lightly
Many people may think that the chance of their home being burglarized is low. So they just neglect the potential vulnerabilities in their home which can be easily exploited by criminals. In 2014, you will need to look closely at doors, locks and windows and even curtains. Put away your valuables to avoid the light-fingered people.

New Year Resolution

Sharing too many details on social media
It is not a very bad thing to share your daily lives with your friends on some social networking sites. However, you should notice that some details such as your location, bank card password, your working arrangements, vacation plans, and costly items purchased, etc should be kept to yourself because this sort of information may probably attract someone with ulterior motives.

Arm the house without home security devices
There is a general idea that home security devices are expensive which isn’t true. TENVIS is aimed at providing good quality, simple to use and cost-effective IP cameras for consumers around the world. More to the point, you will receive quality service here in TENVIS. For those who have already installed TENVIS surveillance camera, please make sure that the motion detection, video recording and night vision feature are open every time you leave home, so that you can keep informed of what has happened when you are away
Just pay attention to home security issue, kicking the above bad habits and you will fulfill this New Year resolution and make a peace of mind in 2014. Start now!

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Mr. Postman Safeguard Your Parcels

In the last blog, I have shared a few recommendations about how to keep our packages from being stolen including tracking the deliveries, requiring a signature, installing a video surveillance camera and considering another destination which are extremely helpful to active online shoppers. Today, I’d like to introduce Mr. Postman, a smart mailbox which connects home network via Wi-Fi to trace packages and keep them safe.

smart mailbox
How does Mr. Postman work?
1. Mr. Postman is Wi-Fi enabled. For those located beyond the typical Wi-Fi range, a special long-range model can be applied.
2. It is solar powered. In cloudy days, a 3.7 V battery could be used to provide sufficient power.
3. If any snail mails or packages have arrived, the connected mailbox will alert the operator, preventing unnecessary trips to the mailbox
Security Design
1. Mr. Postman, which measures 9.8″ wide x 8.6″ tall x 20.4″ long, is made 3 1/2″ wider than the standard mailbox, so that it can hold more packages. So, more of your packages will be able to be delivered safely to Mr. Postman rather than just left unsecured at your door!
2. This smart mailbox adopts a keyless locking system, which allows user to remotely lock and unlock it, which can prevent important packages or letters from being stolen.

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Tips to Avoid Packages from Being Stolen

These days, on-line shopping has achieved a rapid development. People love shopping on the Internet which boosts package deliveries. However, there is also an increase of cases of packages being stolen. The following suggestions may help keep your packages from being stolen. Let’s check!
First of all, shoppers buying online should track the delivery using tracking numbers provided by shipping companies and the post office to figure out when it’s scheduled to reach you so you’re able to make arrangements for someone to be home to pick it up. That way, you won’t need to bother about your shipment sitting unattended on the porch just because no one knew it was there.

packages at door porch
Secondly, require a signature for delivery if you’re shipping something of high value or you just want to be sure items aren’t left unattended. This means the driver cannot leave the package if there is no one home to sign for it.
Thirdly, for security reasons, you may set up a video surveillance camera under the roof of your residence monitoring the porch as well as your driveway. Thus, if any package thieves try to steal your goods, the recorded video can be the solid evidence for the local police to track down the culprits.
At last, when you order something on the internet and you are not at home usually, you can have the packages delivered to your workplace or to a neighbor. If that is not possible, ask the package delivery company to hold your package at a local delivery center for you to pick up. A holiday hold is also allowed by many companies.

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